The Mind, Body, and Spirit School is an International and Holistic School for Healing and Coaching. Our students can learn from different modalities at any time and from the comfort of their homes. Once they complete the courses, they will receive an International accreditation coming from the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) from the UK and with the signature of our school in the USA. For those who desire to go an extra mile, they can also apply to become members of the IAOTH just presenting their certification and paying a small annual fee.

IAOTH Accreditation


The main purpose of our school is to teach students around the world to speak and master Light Language. We do so by means of activating the heart center and developing the right brain, the hemisphere in charge of interpreting emotions and non-verbal communications. Becoming interpreters, practitioners, and healers, our students will serve as the pillars of light in society.

Our courses balance the development of the healing of the mind, body, and spirit, focusing both externally and internally.


To create an external balance, we use the five elements of healing. In our healing system, we teach the importance of being in equilibrium with the five elements because it is the key to maintain the balance in our bodies:

  • Too much of the element water in us can cause sadness and depression.
  • Too little of the element earth is lack of grounding.
  • Too much of the element air can cause confusion or being overwhelmed with a big quantity of thoughts.
  • Too much of fire can irritate us making us being angry and in some cases reacting in an aggressive way.
  • Too much of ether can give us the feeling of being lost, not being centered in space.


To create an internal balance, we need to understand that we are not just a singular body. We consist of multiple layers. The whole complex would be considered our bio magnetic sheath composed of 4 bodies:

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual (also known as etheric) body.

The big pillar holding and joining this energetic and human arquitecture is the energetic system formed by a complex of chakras. The word chakra means wheel of energy in Sanskrit. This magnificent pillar is in charge of projecting our experience or what we can call as our reality. If we want a big transformation in our lives, it is better to go internally to manifest that change externally. If we have any kind of blockage or disorder sometimes manifested like chronic pain or sickness, we teach how to find out the root of the problem exploring the 4 bodies and apply the right healing treatment for them.

Five ElementsBio Magnetic Sheath


Our teachings can be summarized in three words: heal, transform, and manifest. They are dedicated to those who are interested in spirituality, consciousness, quantum, law of manifestation, therapies for mind, body, and spirit, mindfulness, and more.

Learn and discover how to elevate the state of consciousness and vibrate in the highest possible state to attract the best in your life: wealth, health, and love.

Our Students