What I do

  • Transforming people's lives and bringing healing into the existence.
  • Teaching how to manifest the lives people really want to experience.
  • Coaching people in different modalities: career, mindset, spirituality, health, nutrition, and relationship.
  • Shifting people's frequencies from the lower scale spiral of emotions, according to the diagram represented by Dr. David Hawkins, to the highest possible level, to experience bliss and enlightenment.
  • Resolving traumas from present and past lives.
  • Getting people to know their future.
  • Facilitating communication with loved ones and angels.
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“Natalia is such a blessing. She is a wonderful instructor and spiritual guide. Her guidance, help and teachings have helped me find and return to my original template and purpose. Finding her and through her teachings I have found MYSELF, my whole self, my true and authentic self. The knowledge she holds is sacred and healing in countless ways. My spirit is lighter, my mind and body have been rejuvenated. Natalia walks with you and helps shed light on your path. She supports and shares her knowledge generously. Her work is invaluable and soul-filling. You will gain tools and techniques to continue your transformative journey. Her sprit, teachings and The Mind, Body and Spirit School are life changing.”

Lydia R.

“Hello wonderful beings, I'm Ingrid (in this life, LOL). What an amazing transformation Lorena! I'm so happy for you, congratulations. Keep on pathing the way and being a beacon of light for us to follow. Much like Lorena, I was also feeling lost early in the year, and the universe practically hand delivered Natalia to me sometime in February. Most of the work she's done for me is focused on clearing and healing my energy centers; there were a lot of past traumas (from this life and past lives) that needed to be resolved. Natalia is a genius with her healing powers. Thank you again and again Mrs. Z. Unlike Lorena's obvious growth and changes, my journey has been mostly within. At 50yrs old, married, with 3 young adults (17,19, 21), I have successfully mastered the programming of society's norm , cultural, and familial standards to a perfection! So, I am now trying to unlearn or rather, not give power to those lessons and get to know the authentic me by focusing my energy on healing, forgiving and loving myself. Easier said than done, I'm like an old oak tree, stubborn and set in my ways. But I've come a long way. I'm no longer angry, easily triggered, or resentful at the world and everyone and everything around me. I am more at ease, and capable of enjoying and loving the people I care for, and my life. I'm still working on myself. It is a pleasure to know people who are on this journey. I often feel isolated and alone not having someone to communicate with or process the struggles of self discovery in this world. Thank you all, Ingrid ”

Ingrid M.

“I have been truly blessed meeting Natalia! Her and her work has already help progress my life in several ways with her skills and love for caring, healing, and teaching. My spiritual journey is now enhanced and I am more balanced and grounded after meeting with her the very first time!”

Akia J.

“I had a nutrition class & "Reconnecting w/ our inner harmony and Mother Nature" workshop with Natalia. She is very passionate & knowledgeable about natural healing & therapy. I learned so much in the nutrition class about how different healthy & whole foods can play a role in different areas of concern with your body & mood, & how to incorporate supplements and oils for a healthy body & mind. For the workshop, the sound bowls were very peaceful & relaxing. Learning about the different chakras for alignment was wonderful. I felt grounded, centered, and rejuvenated after. I highly recommend!”

Grace O.

“(Day 1) Natalia, I cannot possibly convey how much better and lighter I feel from your loving and transformative session. GIRLFRIEND THANK YOU SO MUCH for the healing, eternally grateful! (Day2) And feeling even better today, sooo much of that tension in my body is GONE, hallelujah! Looking forward to getting your email love 💗. (Day 3) Wow Natalia, such powerful, deep healing we did yesterday, thank you so much! Feeling lighter and way more free today 💗. (Day 4) Hallelujah, it feels so GOOD to have this advice and literal treasure I feel in my heart and mind now, so grateful! Can’t wait for the meditations and protection tooooooo 💗💗🫶🏼🫶🏼😇😇. (Day 5) Thank you Natalia! So grateful for you, all went well on my end too, feeling protected and lots of love 💗.”

Andrea B.

“Omgeeeeee!!! I vanquish ANY doubt I had about distant energy!! My goodness!!! I sensed you Mrs. Z!! I felt you come and I felt you go. Not only did I sense you. Hopefully you were talking during the session BECAUSE I could have sworn I heard whispers… (and you know when you wash your hands and before you grab something to dry your hands off with, you pluck your fingers to manually get the excess water off?) I was hearing this kind of finger plucking sound. Heard those sounds/whispers via my left ear. I also felt tingling and other sensations taking place in my hands AND body. Started with my head as soon as I started visualizing the ball of light going through my Chakra’s. When I got to my knees, I felt my knees get heavy (I’ve been having knee pains). Feel started tingling as the energy went down. I would get heavy tingling sensations in my hands and especially at the fingertips. My left hand was very sensitive to the tingles. While belly breathing I could feel sensations in my hands that matched my breathing. It’s like the skin on the inner part of my hands was in sync with my actual mechanical breathing. When I inhaled through my nose I could feel energy come inside my hands and when I exhaled through my mouth, I felt the energy leave my hands. With my eyes closed I had a speeding left to right, right to left movement going on. It wasn’t circles… it was a semi circle back and forth movement within my eyelids. It was a wonderful experience and I do feel very peaceful. ”

Latavia L.