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Natalia Zavislak

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Starting from her family, Natalia's great great grandmother, Mama Juana, was an honorable shaman in a village from the south of Spain. Many pilgrims came to visit her looking for healing. Her herb remedies in combination with her light prayers and devotion were extraordinarily miraculous. Some generations later Mama Juana's gift was transferred with love and blessings to one of her great great granddaughters, Natalia. In the same way than her great great grandmother, she was able to speak light language (the sacred language of our ancestors, the one connecting us to source).

That gift came to her in the form of dreams when she was little. She used to wake up many nights speaking a strange language, something she could not understand at that time, but make her years later to be dedicated to the study of languages becoming a language professor. At the time she was teaching Spanish at Loyola University in Maryland, she was moved to study there spirituality and fulfill one of her dreams, becoming a spiritual counselor. Nevertheless, after getting pregnant with her daughter Nicole Isabel, she was forced in 2017 to quit the program and she moved to San Antonio, Texas, the place where she founded her language school Distant Language.

Years later she recovered her dream of counseling and healing, and the inspiration that her professor in Buddhism instilled on her with stories of The Tibetan culture and the temples in Japan came out on the way of studying therapies such as sound therapy, and reiki. In 2022 after being a certified life coach and be prepared in more therapies for healing the mind, body, and spirit, she created The School and Home Therapy Center The Mind, Body, and Spirit, a Training Provider accredited by the International Association of Therapists, and a Center to open the doors to assist everyone willing to heal their mind, body, and spirit.

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